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Organization Architecture & Design


Often when a major business change is implemented, the current organization structure works against the change.  The existing design of reporting relationships, job definitions, career paths, competency models, and reward systems may require re-structuring to align to new processes and new ways of operating.


We help you re-design your organization's structure and roles so that they enable effective business changes.   


Our Organization Architecture and Design services include:

  • Development of Organization Design Principles Matched to Your Goals
  • Facilitation and Design of Organization Structure with Your Leaders
  • Job Definition, Career Path Definition, and Competency Model Definition
  • Reward System Alignment
  • Integration Across All Aspects of Your Organization Architecture
  • Communication Planning, Design & Support
  • New Organization Implementation Support
In conjunction with our Organization Change Management Services, these services help you confidently implement your business change initiatives.  If you aren't sure whether your current structure will work with the changes you have planned, call us to discuss your situation.